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Why a Wine Cellar?

*Are you looking for the perfect solution to accent that collection of fine wine? Are you ready to explore the ultimate in design, elegance and craftsmanship? We specialize in designing and building custom wine cellars for clients with discriminating taste. Let our fine woodworking craftsmen go to work for you. Take the first step... Learn More...

Custom Design
Just as our taste in wine varies, so too will our taste in wine cellars. Utilizing our custom design, we can create a room that's totally unique in every way. With our build-to-order approach, even the wine racks themselves would be specially designed and built. If you desire, your own special theme can be incorporated into the finished project, giving the room a total custom feel. Let us show you what we can do for you. If you're proud of your wine collection, take the next step and showcase that collection. More...

Hybrid Design
Hybrid design utilizes various pre-made wine racks and constituent parts. Many times during the construction phase, it is just not necessary to custom build some or all of the wine racks. In these cases why "re-invent the wheel." We can often use a variety of "off the shelf" racks and accessories to lower costs and still achieve the desired effect. This affords us the best of both worlds when developing your room. We interface with various companies that offer us quality wine racks at very competitive prices. This saves valuable time and money when considering the bottom line. More...

Our Belief
It is our belief that our custom wine rooms will most assuredly exceed our customers' expectations. We also believe that although the wine racks alone are extremely elegant and breathtakingly beautiful, they are still merely the icing on the cake. Be totally immersed in the experience. Let our custom wine rooms take you anywhere you want to go.
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